Overwatch Audience Thrives as the World Cup Group Stages Continue

As far as companies go, Blizzard is known for sinking ridiculous amounts of money into their games in order to achieve their goals. Overwatch is a game that has had millions thrown at it for production, prizes, management and commentators. Although having limited success to begin with, the Overwatch fanbase has grown exponentially to incorporate one of the biggest eSports audiences out there. So far, their World Cup has achieved huge success with rules stating that creating teams must be based on nationality. This means that fans are routing for their country to win rather than an eSports club. Other eSports have not attempted this as the industry is mainly dominated by monopolized eSports clubs that will not give up their name being linked to their team. However, now that Overwatch has achieved such a goal, it is possible that we could see other games attempting this.
For the Overwatch World Cup, South Korea hosted the first of the four Group stage events. Naturally through fan support and home field advantage, South Korea won their group with Finland following close behind. These two countries dominated, rightfully earning their places in the World Cup Knockout Stages later this year.
On the 9th of September, the Second event will take place in Los Angeles of the United States. The 6 teams competing are Canada, Austria, USA, Brazil, Switzerland and Norway. This will be an action packed, fun filled few days if it goes anything like the last event.
Here are the best moments of the last event in South Korea.

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