Binance Chain Swap

3 step process. Sign message, send coins, fill out form and wait for swap.

Advanced Users Only! No support will be given.

How do you know if you are an advanced user?
Answer: In the past, you have signed a message on the blockchain and proven your hold the private key of a wallet address.

If you understand the above question and answer you may proceed.

Make sure you have the latest eBoost desktop wallet downloadable from

Using this option will permanently and irrevocably move your tokens from EBST mainnet to the EBST BEP2 chain.
*If you wish to preserve cross-chain swaps, please wait for the official Binance tool to launch.

Official Deposit address for 1 way permanent swap is

Sign a message with the Private Key of the address you used to deposit into the burn address. Use message "I LOVE EBOOST" in all CAPS and input the signature above.
Create your account for Binance DEX here:
Put your TX ID of the burned coins here