Fortnite and eSports

Fornite has exploded into the mainstream. This is not news anymore. As many as 8.8million viewers watch the same Fortnite competition every Friday. And that’s not even hosted by Epic Games, it’s hosted by the Youtuber, Keemstar. Recently, Epic games Pledged to put $100,000,000 into Fortnite prize pools over the next year. So far, we’ve seen news about the Fortnite World Cup in 2019. As well as the 8-week Fortnite summer Skirmish, played by top streamers and high ranking players.
So how will they make this interesting to watch?
Unlike other attempts at battle royal eSports, Fortnite Fridays placed the emphasis on two things – Streamers and kills.
This makes it feel more like a reality show than your conventional Major eSport. There is as much focus on the memes, the highlight clips and the spectacle that Fortnite has become as there is on who wins and who loses.
However, there are many people saying that Fortnite is not eSport worthy because it’s just so ridiculous. But the reality is, a successful eSport requires skilled players, entertainment and big prize pools. Epic Games has provided all of these and hope to see the game through into becoming a major eSport for the future.

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