Clash Royale Becoming a Major Contender for Mobile eSports?

It’s not a shocking thing to hear that Mobile eSports is on the rise. After all, the mobile gaming industry made over $40 billion in gross revenue last year. However, Clash Royale seems like a game that should not be involved with eSports in general. It’s a 1 versus 1 PVP game that requires dropping your monsters on a field to attack your opponents castle whilst having to defend your own. A game of Clash Royale should last between 5 and 10 minutes. There is no teamwork but a fair amount of skill involved. That is why the creators of the game, Supercell, have decided to push it as an eSport. This began with a few small tournaments, bringing the community to an awareness that they can make money from playing their mobile games.  Clash Royale didn’t gather huge audience for some time — ESWC Gamescom Clash Royale 2017 had 40,000 people viewers at peak. But in a very short time, everything changed.

Clash Royale Touchdown Tournament was a entertaining one-day tournament based on special game event. Although, it gathered 277,000 people online at the peak. It happened due to successful marketing, especially in the Latin America — the biggest part of viewers were Spanish-speaking. Clash Royale is very popular in this region since it is home to the strongest player base.

There hasn’t been many tournaments recently but this number of viewers in the games first year in the eSports spotlight is sure to bring much more opportunities for the huge player base enjoying Clash Royale.

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