Program is for OctaEx users that lost EBST coins on that failed Exchange.

Sign-up for an account on before proceeding with this form.  eBoost will reimburse lost coins of users that can provide proof of holding of EBST on OctaEx.  Any attempts at falsifying information will disqualify you.  Any questions about this form please consult our Telegram.

Phone submissions do not work; Please use a Computer to fill out form!

Telegram:  @eboostcoinchat or click eBoostCoinChat

ReImbursement Request Form
Address you sent your EBST coins to OctaEx
Select which coins you are requesting reimbursement for.
Enter your transaction ID when sent coins to OctaEx
Upload all proof you may have including screenshots. If you have multiple then use ZIP file.
Email address to contact you for additional information if needed.
Enter number of EBST here
All reimbursements will go through a trusted exchange. US Residents use Local Wallet.