Progress. Progress. Progress. – A weekly letter to the community

Hello esports and crypto fans!

This week has been an awesome one in all areas. Great progress in planning our new airdrop has been made, our mobile app development is going well and we have some exciting news about the integration of eboost into world economies.

Let’s begin with the airdrop.

We know this is on everyone’s minds so we changed our plan a little. The original idea was to finish the reclaim process and then begin working on how we will do our airdrop with EBST/ALA. However, since many of you have been giving great feedback about our airdrop, we’ve decided to begin working on the details and confirming areas this week. The aim with this is to keep everything efficient and transparent with our community without making any mistakes or rushing anything.

How’s the Reclaim Program going?

We’re making great progress with this. To get a better idea of timescale in terms of reclaim completion, we’ve been dealing with all the difficult reclamations first. That way, we can get to a point where the difficult ones are finished and we can smash through the easy reclaims, getting a better gage on completion.

What about the mobile app?

The dev team just released an early snapshot of our game to our internal testing team. The game demonstrating basic mechanics with a goal of getting feedback to keep it a high skill ceiling but still a simple “pick up and play” game. There is certainly an art to this but we are making good progress and can’t wait to get some teasers out to the community soon!

What is this AirCoin we’ve been hearing so much about?

In case you’ve not been following our Twitter, we are pleased to announce that the AirCoin app has integrated eBoost into their game.

Aircoins is Digital Currency inside a gaming App, supported by the planet’s top AltCoins. Aircoins provides a safe environment that allows users the ability to find, collect, and trade Digital Assets in Augmented Reality. Each coin appearing in Aircoins App has been individually enhanced in vector-crisp 3D for maximum stimulation and enjoyment.

Speaking of integration, what about real world integration?

I’m glad you asked, Hong Kong Pegasus FC Have integrated EBST as a payment option for tickets, merch and half-time refreshments! “Market research indicates that between 20-25% of all
purchases will be made with crypto this season.”

Check out more info here:

That’s all for this week,

Thanks for being such a great community,

Hamilton Gilpin

Social Media Director

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