FAQ For All of You… – A Weekly Letter to the Community

Hello to the Crypto and eSports community!

What’s new this week?!

Well we’ve been making enormous amounts of progress in our mobile game development and will have some big announcements and teasers for that in a week or so. Our new developer, Aaron Jiwa is thriving in creativity to produce a mobile game that includes eBoost as an in-game currency for player-to-player trading and microtransactions.

On the eSports side, we’ve been approved to use a server for a very popular eSports game and are in the process of organizing an eBoost powered event.

Let’s get down to business… We’ve received overwhelming support from you all concerning our EBST/ALA Airdrop and cannot thank you enough. We have also received many questions. So we have compiled the most frequent ones here. We hope this helps you with your queries but if you have anything to ask us, head over to our telegram group and we will be sure to help you out in any way we can.


FAQs are below,

Thanks for being such a great community!

Hamilton Gilpin

Social Media Director


When is the ALA airdrop? Do we have at least an estimated date?

There is no specific date yet. The team needs to verify all the reclamation requests, making sure no fakers will receive free coins. Some requests are very simple and take little time but others can be complex. This means it is difficult to put an approximation on when reclaims will be completed. The airdrop date will be released after the reclamation period ends.

Where can we claim the ALA airdrop?

As of now we are confident with BOA Exchange. They are new and they are not yet in CoinMarketCap but we can guarantee that they can be trusted. And of course the safest of them all, our official EBST wallets.

Do both old and new wallets support the airdrop?

Yes. Both will support the airdrop but please standby for developments because we still might update it.

How can we import our old wallet address to a new wallet?

It’s easy, just copy your wallet.dat from %AppData%\eBoost directory and replace the wallet.dat from your %AppData%\eBoost core folder. Just make sure you BACKUP your wallet first. Preferably in different locations, like different hdd or usb storage that no other person has access.

Are we expecting a new exchange for EBST?

We are always looking but it should be a strategic partnership. Both parties should benefit. Just like what BOA Exchange does. They support us, we support them.

Are we expecting a new exchange that will support ALA airdrop?

As of now we are really into BOA Exchange. We are in constant communication with them. Their support team for any listed coins is very responsive.

If so, we noticed BOA Exchange is not in CoinMarketCap. If BOA Exchange tries to scam us, will there be a refund again?

We are confident there will be no scam with BOA. However, for your peace of mind, yes. We will offer full refund. BOA Exchange can be trusted. We communicate with them daily for mutual support.

What is the ratio of the airdrop between EBST:ALA?

1 EBST = 0.5 ALA

 How many percent are you complete on checking those request for reclamation of EBST?

Today is Oct 12, we a at roughly 30% of completion. Again, the progress might speed up or slow down. It depends on the situation of the request being reviewed. You may visit this link for updates https://www.eboost.fun/reclaim/

EBST has only volume in Bittrex, and it is low. Tradesatoshi and BOA Exchange has almost no volume. Is there a chance we will be delisted on these exchanges? What are the things that we should avoid so we won’t be delisted?

eBoost on occasion gets asked to provide information to the exchanges to confirm we are playing by their rules. Which include no trade discussions or no price discussion from team members in any social media platform. Team Responsiveness to all request for information from Exchanges. As long as we follow that, we have no problems.

Why is my ALA wallet is not syncing anymore?

The old ALA wallet will no longer be in use as there will be a new wallet for the new ALA airdrop. Standby for updates.

Will there be any consideration for the legit holders of EBST who have received ALA in their official wallets?

We regret to inform you that old ALA will be disregarded. More information regarding this will be released to the public at a later date.

What is the timezone EBST team will be using for all the events, for example the airdrop?

There is no specific time zone.

If I have EBST in Octaex and immediately withdraw it after the snapshot, can I still claim my ALA? This is provided that the team will give consideration to all the ALA holders.

It is not necessary because old ALA will be disregarded now.

 Is there a minimum quantity of EBST to hold in order to join ALA airdrop?

None. You can hold any amount of EBST and will be awarded the 2:1 ratio.

 After the snapshot, how many days can we receive ALA airdrop in our wallets?

All ALA will be awarded 2 weeks after the snapshot.

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