Behind the Scenes… – A Weekly Letter the to Community

Hello eSports and Crypto lovers!

This week has been an interesting one to say the least.

What’s happening in eSports?

Well we’ve been working really hard to schedule multiple tournaments, powered by eBoost over the next few months. There has been talks with some big names and big games companies to help support payment via EBST through tournament prizes.

What about mobile development?

As announced last week, we have a recently hired team dedicated to mobile games development. Expect regular updates on that soon as we have huge plans for many games over the next year or so. Our first game has been completely planned out and we are now in the coding stages.

Which game engine will you be using for your mobile games? 

We have now confirmed that it will be the Unity engine as it is the most applicable to our development team. It is also very friendly to us when it comes down to implementing crypto into our games. This means our app development time will be cut down by considerably large amounts. For the near future, the aim is to find and tackle any problems that may arrive on the technical side with this first game then create an efficient ‘machine’ in which we can generate games regularly for our community.

How is the reclaim program going?

We have received lots of submissions from users affected by the OctaEx incident and we thank you all for the support and questions throughout this time. Processing of these forms will take a few weeks or so but we are dedicated to make sure as many people as possible can reclaim.

Head here if you haven’t already:

Anything else?

We are still talking to many potential partners for the future of our company and want to ensure our community that we are here to implement crypto into everything gaming.

Thanks for being such a great community,

Hamilton Gilpin

Social Media Director



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