eBoost is Now Listed on Boa Exchange

We are happy to announce our tokens listing on Boa Exchange, a premier trading platform.


Our listing on Boa goes on to ensure our community the best standard of trading. Boa Exchange provides the ecosystem with many beneficial features that we can align our mission with including low transaction fees. You can now  buy and sell our token at half the transaction fee price compared to other trading platforms currently listing EBST. This will allow you to make more transactions using our token for less. BOA also features a Proof of Reserve and Proof of Balances, an audit like process proving that Boa holds more funds in cold storage than they have community holdings on their platform; this is to ensure users that if something had to happen to their funds within the platform that they would be reimbursed by Boa through their Proof of Reserve.


These are just a few reasons why we chose to list on Boa Exchange, find about more about this premier trading platform here: https://boaexchange.com/


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