Mobile development has Started – A Weekly Letter to the Community

Hello crypto and gaming fans!

Welcome back to our weekly update at eBoost.

Any news on mobile games?

Yes! We now have a team fully recruited to achieve our vision of creating mobile games that use eBoost as a currency in-game. This week, we began development on our first game. We’ve researched what are favored mechanics in mobile gaming and want to start with something that’s easy to pick up but requires enough skill to play competitively against your friends. That is why we have drafted up many designs this week and have begun development. We will be showing graphical previews on what the game will look like in the next few weeks.

What’s happening with the reclaim program?

If you’ve been following our twitter, you’ll know that our reclaim program started this week. Our reclaim program is underway to compensate EBST holders for the OctaEx incident. Make sure you head over to to submit your form before September 29th.

What else have you done this week?

One of our leading eBoost representatives, Yakup Kilic, was over at GameEx in Istanbul. During this time, he spoke with many different companies about eBoost and our goals for the future. We will be represented in many more events similar to this to create a wider range of partners and team members for the future.

Anything else we should know about?

Well, we’ve expanded our social media to include Instagram as well as Twitter .

Check them out here:



That’s all for this week!

Thanks for being such a great community,

Hamilton Gilpin

Social Media Director

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