Q&A With Chris Baillie

This is our Q&A with Chris Baillie, the company COO.


Q: Why did you join company and how do you like working there?


A: I like the people behind the company. They’re all very honest people with great synergy, fulfilling our vision.


Q: How was eBoost affected by the octaEx incident? Do you think it affected the reputation of the company?


A: It wasn’t just us affected by the OctaEx. Many coins and companies put trust into that exchange we were all very devastated to find out what happened. Our goals concerning that now are to help out everyone that was affected by it. We have a great community and we feel that we owe them all for that. In terms of our company, i feel like we need to be very careful in the future when it comes to trusting exchanges. That’s why Boa are our main choice right now. They have great communication and transparency when it comes to listing coins.


Q: Where will eBoost as a company be in 3 years time?


A: Hopefully everywhere in gaming. Our main focus is joining and creating any economy that can utilize the coin in a beneficial way. 3 years in my opinion we will be widely known. As i said, our team is very motivated and i like the path we are sending the company down.


Q: Does mobile gaming have a future in eSports?


A: This is a widely talked about issue. The normal argument is that mobile games won’t be watched as the main streaming audience watch PC games. But the reality is that the player base for mobile gaming is ridiculously big. All  these development companies that are worth billions are already injecting money into their games for prize pools and big events. Clash Royale and Arena of Valor are great examples of this. Their prize pools are already over $300k per event in the past 2 years.


It seems that Chris is very motivated to see that eBoost stays in the right direction. If you have any more Questions for any of us at eBoost, head over to our twitter or our telegram group and ask away.

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