What’s happened this week? – A Weekly Letter to the Community

Hello Crypto and eSports lovers!

This week has been a busy one for the whole team at eBoost. We hope you are all well whether you are playing games, watching streams or trading crypto. Here’s the run down of what’s happened this week.

Our new road map was released!

As explained in the previous letter, we’ve been expanding our borders to cover more of the gaming world. This includes Mobile Games, Prize pools and much more. Due to these new paths for the company, we’ve updated the road map to outline our goals throughout the next few years. This will continue to be updated as we dive into different sectors of the thriving gaming industry.

View the Road map here: Eboost.fun/#roadmap

A brand new whitepaper…

Our old whitepaper had all the the uses of EBST outlined. However, with new directions and more potential for the coin to be used  in the industry, we’ve created an in-depth whitepaper for everyone to read.

You can check that out here: Eboost.fun/#whitepaper

What else is new?

Well, we’ve been expanding our team to encompass our future goals in the mobile industry. Hiring marketing personnel as well as mobile game developers. They will ensure that the mobile games we make are easily playable and cater to the eSports audiences’ needs.  We are looking to make simple but immersive games that players can pick up, enter matchmaking and have a competitive but fun experience.

That’s all for this week, everyone. Stay tuned for more updates next week!


Hamilton Gilpin

Social Media Director


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