The Future Of eBoost – An Open Letter To Our Loyal Community

Hello eSports and cryptocurrency followers!

During the past year, Cryptocurrencies have had an explosion of growth that has led to much speculation, volatility and uncertainty. eBoost has not been immune to these current conditions. This correlates with what has been happening with the entire industry. As many of you know, the year started well for many major and alt coins. However, during the second quarter of the year, cryptocurrencies worldwide took a dive and many coins have been affected by this. eBoost is one of these coins, despite following the roadmap as planned yet still being affected by the volatility of the industry.
In early august, the eBoost board of directors and founders came together from all corners of the globe to explore all the possible paths and outcomes that eBoost can take, not only as a coin but as a company.
It was unanimous throughout the board that eBoost should continue to support its loyal holders and eSports fans. This is why we will be continuing development on our website to become a worldwide eSports media hub. eBoost will be releasing daily videos and articles as well as providing the community with news and results for many of the major eSports and popular games.
This is a gesture from the staff at eBoost to the gamers and fans for your continued support.

So what’s down the pipeline?

During our series of meetings in august, we discussed many paths that eBoost can take. Along with the previously aforementioned website upgrades, we will be pursuing the funding of eSports prize pools for the future. You can expect many tournaments for major games being powered by eBoost as planned.
In other words, we aren’t changing our gameplan, just expanding it. With the hope that your trust in eBoost may remain strong as the originally outlined goals are still in place.
Moving on, we wanted to give the coin a wider range of uses when it comes to gaming. EBST will be a payment option on sites for eSports merch, games and much more. This will not only be centered around eSports but will also be used for purchasing in-game items, skins and even key codes for games.
eBoost was previously an eSports coin supporting eSports companies, we now we aim to expand into all varieties of gaming, including mobile gaming.

What do you mean “mobile gaming”?

As well as growing into eSports, we are going to be spearheading the mobile gaming market with our own multiplayer games and marketplace for trading and socializing. Maybe you’re thinking, “Why the sudden change?”.
For a coin to thrive and have accepted use all over the world, it needs an economy to be used and traded in. Supporting eSports is one of these uses but we are trying to make the coin widely used in ALL aspects of gaming, not just eSports prize pools. The eventual aim is to have eBoost used as the main currency throughout the entirety of the gaming industry. This is ambitious but achievable.

Mobile gaming has grown exponentially over the past few years; with games such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor approaching tier 2 eSports status. Naturally, it makes sense to have our coin at arms reach from these games. This is why we’ve made the decision to begin creating mobile games.

How will you do this?

To begin with, we have expanded our team of staff, recruiting a game development team that understands how to create games with a nice feel and a good economy. We aim to have our first multiplayer mobile game finished and released by early January. This will use eBoost as an in-game currency to trade skins for the games and buy items such as power-ups and exp boosters in-game. The team are confident the this will provide a good economy for eBoost to be involved with.
We are all very excited with the plan for this as the entire team behind eBoost are passionate gamers. This means we are dedicated to create the best possible mobile games for you to play and immerse yourselves in.

Tell us everything!

Unfortunately that’s all we’re allowed to tell you for now!
Just expect to be playing games while trading and earning eBoost all at the same time on your mobiles in the near future.

Is there anything else you guys are working on?

We want to get involved in as many areas of gaming as possible. If currency is being used for gaming, we are hoping to pursue it down the line. We are still very on board with the idea of cryptocurrencies having untapped potential in worldwide economies and we aim for eBoost to become the top currency in gaming.

I have some questions, where can i contact you?

My name is Hamilton, I’m the Social Media Director for eBoost. Any questions you would like answers to, head over the the eBoost Twitter where the team and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for staying loyal to eBoost, we hope to be growing the community and providing more exciting news to you in the future!

Kind regards,

Hamilton Gilpin
Social Media Director

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